Panda Health Announces Launch of New Category: AI Scribes

New category features industry-leading capabilities to record and transcribe patient interactions while improving operational efficiency, care quality and physician satisfaction

ATLANTA, GA. (May 16, 2023) – Panda Health, the digital health marketplace, has announced the launch of a new category: AI Scribes. AI Scribes technology provides physicians with the ability to capture patient notes automatically, leading to a more personal patient experience and seamless documentation.

Panda’s new solution category will make it faster and easier for hospitals and health systems to find, evaluate, and contract with the most effective digital health solution vendors that support AI Scribes technology.

“Through ongoing advancements in automatic speech recognition and natural language processing, AI Scribes technology has become a valuable aspect of clinical documentation” said Ryan Bengtson, President and COO of Panda Health. “Not only are these solutions shown to improve care quality, but they also have a material impact on improving provider satisfaction and reducing physician burnout.  AI Scribes solutions are a true game changing advancement in healthcare.” 

Key benefits provided by the AI Scribes solutions in Panda’s category include:

  • Advanced AI based services
  • Ambient capabilities of converting live provider-patient conversations into text
  • Personalized speech recognition
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved care quality
  • Seamless EHR integration
  • Reduced staff and physician workload
  • Reduce clinician burnout
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Improved patient satisfaction

To date, Suki is the featured solution in the AI Scribes category.

“Many healthcare organizations are investing in AI voice assistants or AI scribes due to their ability to meaningfully alleviate clinician burnout,” said Heather Miller, Senior Director of Partnerships at Suki. “Suki’s ambient note generation capabilities, coupled with dictation and commands, give clinicians ultimate flexibility in creating rich notes quickly, so they can focus on patient care.”

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About Panda Health

Panda Health is a marketplace that transforms how health systems discover, procure, and implement digital innovations that make life better for consumers. Formed in 2020 as an independent company, Panda was founded through a partnership between three leading health systems, CentraCare, Gundersen Health System, and ThedaCare, with the development and investment firm Fitzroy Health.