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Patient-Driven Care Management: Are Curated, Clinical Population-Specific Solutions the Future of Digital Health?

Some have argued that the story of the global economy in the decade from 2010 – 2020 can be distilled down to the rise of consumerism. And while the broader ...
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Lessons Learned from the Digital Health Fallout: A Webinar in Partnership with Chime

Earlier this month, Panda Health hosted a webinar with members Amy Porwoll (CIO, CentraCare) and Praveen Chopra (CDIO, Emplify Health). Together, they shared their experiences and strategies in navigating the ...
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Enhancing Care Together: An Emplify Health + Panda Health Collaboration

Who is Emplify Health? A Panda Health Story Bellin Health and Gundersen Health System, both founding members of Panda Health, joined forces to become Emplify Health. Headquartered in Wisconsin, they ...
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Navigating Healthcare’s Data: A Journey to Value-Based Care

Health system leaders find themselves at a critical juncture, tasked with accelerating their organizations’ drive toward the promise of value-based care (VBC). VBC calls for providers to focus more on ...
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The Role of Technology in Advancing Value-Based Care and Population Health

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a profound transformation fueled by advancements in digital technology. One motivation behind these advancements is the increased willingness of healthcare providers to adopt innovative solutions ...
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Whitepaper: Future of Value-Based Care

Value-Based Care: Challenges and a Glimpse into the Future The healthcare industry is undergoing a major shift towards Value-Based Care (VBC). While the potential benefits are significant, there are also ...
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