New Category Focused on Unified Patient Experience

Panda Health is excited to announce the addition of our newest category: Unified Patient Experience

What is Unified Patient Experience?

Unified Patient Experience (UPE) integrates disparate digital health solutions into one centralized, self-service platform to enhance overall patient satisfaction and care outcomes. UPE solutions play a vital role in driving positive outcomes for patients by streamlining the healthcare experience and improving care coordination

How does UPE  benefit hospitals and patients? 

UPE platforms can increase revenue and market share for hospitals, while improving care coordination and the patient journey. Healthcare providers can improve patient access and provider efficiency by offering a convenient platform for patients. 

This leads to:

  • better care management
  • enhanced customer support, and education
  • creating a seamless experience for patients
  • increased patient satisfaction
  • ability to monitor patient health data in real-time
  • increased patient loyalty

Overall, UPE solutions are a game-changer in healthcare, enabling providers to provide higher quality patient care while improving operational efficiency.

Panda Health looks forward to helping hospitals and health systems select the right solution to create a customized and seamless patient experience.