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Category Spotlight: Digital Wayfinding

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, where patients and visitors often find themselves in large and complex medical facilities, the need for efficient and user-friendly wayfinding tools is greater than ever before. The traditional paper maps and static signage systems are gradually giving way to more advanced digital wayfinding solutions, revolutionizing the healthcare industry. This […]

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Category Spotlight: Reputation Management

Reputation Management software refers to the technology that improves, maintains, and leverages the brand presence of a hospital or health system. Understanding market sentiment and maintaining brand are critical to successfully acquiring and retaining patients Reputation Management products (or software) provide a host of functionalities including market sentiment tools, provider reviews, listings management, patient surveys/forms

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Category Spotlight: Patient Self-Scheduling

Patient Self-Scheduling (PSS) technologies allow patients to conveniently book appointments with healthcare providers through digital channels. This eliminates the need for phone calls and added wait times and makes it easier for patients to secure appointments that suit their needs. PSS tools often integrate with electronic health and medical record systems (EHRs/EMRs), enabling seamless coordination

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Category Spotlight: Digital Virtual Assistants

Digital virtual assistant (DVA) technology, also known as online chatbots and digital care navigators, is one of the top digital health trends hospital leaders should watch. DVA tools can be implemented as AI assistants using voice and chat, call center automation, and conversational intelligence. DVA tools are revolutionizing healthcare by enabling providers to deliver more

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Category Spotlight: Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation

In light of current challenges hospitals are facing, (e.g., reduced budgets and competition, it is essential to improve high-margin service lines to achieve growth goals. This requires targeted marketing to identify the patients most likely to convert, as well as those who are not yet patients but may become one in the near future. Traditional

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