Category Spotlight: Patient Self-Scheduling

Patient Self-Scheduling (PSS) technologies allow patients to conveniently book appointments with healthcare providers through digital channels. This eliminates the need for phone calls and added wait times and makes it easier for patients to secure appointments that suit their needs. PSS tools often integrate with electronic health and medical record systems (EHRs/EMRs), enabling seamless coordination between patients and providers.

Additionally, patient self-scheduling streamlines the process for healthcare providers by reducing administrative burden and improving operational efficiency. By automating appointment scheduling, staff members can focus on delivering high-quality care rather than managing phone calls and paperwork.

Panda Health is pleased to offer three industry-leading suppliers within our PSS category. These suppliers reimagine the end-to-end scheduling process to maximize patient and provider satisfaction.

Panda Health features three Patient Self-Scheduling solutions in our marketplace. Through our intensive market intelligence and vetting process, we identified the top use cases and best practices for Patient Self-Scheduling.