Category Spotlight: Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation

In light of current challenges hospitals are facing, (e.g., reduced budgets and competition, it is essential to improve high-margin service lines to achieve growth goals. This requires targeted marketing to identify the patients most likely to convert, as well as those who are not yet patients but may become one in the near future. Traditional methods of advertising are no longer sufficient. Personalized communications tailored to the patient are becoming a must if you want to increase engagement and conversion rates.

A data-driven approach, coupled with powerful segmentation algorithms, can enable hospitals to develop a sophisticated, personalized digital marketing program in a matter of months. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation tools offer the ability to acquire new patients, retain current patients, and consolidate patient experience/communication platforms. By helping hospitals better understand how to engage patients with a targeted approach, these platforms can maximize the lifetime value of the provider-patient relationship.

Panda Health currently has three industry-leading suppliers, designed specifically for marketing to healthcare services to patients, in the CRM category, ready to provide remedies for your pain points.

Panda Health has selected three to launch the CRM and Marketing Automation category in our marketplace. Through our intensive market intelligence and vetting process, we identified the top use cases and best practices for CRM and Marketing Automation technology.