What You Need to Know About Automation in Healthcare

The healthcare IT landscape is transforming daily, driven by the integration of automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), intelligent automation, and hyperautomation. These technologies are starting to redefine operational efficiency, patient care, and financial management within healthcare organizations. Despite a slower adoption rate of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare compared to other industries, the sector demonstrates a strong interest in automation, spurred by its potential to deliver productivity gains, address labor shortages, alleviate employee burnout, and reduce operational costs. 

Venture capital investments exceeding $2 billion in key healthcare automation categories signal the growing recognition of the technology’s value. Successful implementation of automation projects requires a clear definition of success, understanding costs, effective employee communication, and identifying operations where early ROI can be demonstrated. The aim is to employ AI and automation for incremental enhancements and a comprehensive reimagining of healthcare delivery and management.