Three Ways Digital Patient Intake Tools Solve Hospitals’ Top Pain Points

By Rebekah Murphy

More and more hospitals are turning to Digital Patient Intake (DPI) solutions to streamline and support patient registration, check-in, and collections processes. At Panda Health, we’ve been keeping an eye on how hospitals are adopting new technologies, and watching closely as interest in DPI solutions has grown and as suppliers have made exciting new developments and improvements to their DPI solutions.

We recently launched our DPI solution category, after evaluating more than 36 suppliers offering DPI solutions. Ultimately, we awarded just seven of those suppliers with marketplace status for their innovative and easy-to-use platforms; superior compliance, cybersecurity, and integration capabilities; and proven ROI.

I recently asked three of the suppliers awarded marketplace status to share more about DPI and the value it provides hospitals. Here’s how they said digital patient intake solutions are helping solve hospitals’ biggest challenges:

#1: Improving operational efficiency and reducing staff burden

“During the pandemic, health systems used technology at an accelerated rate to limit contact. Today, there’s still a severe staffing shortage, so health systems are implementing digital patient intake tools to supplement and replace the staff they’ve lost. Consumers in general became more familiar with using QR codes at restaurants, and consumer demand for convenience increased. In healthcare, patients expect the same digital access and convenience. Hospitals and healthcare organizations that embrace this patient-consumer mindset are seeing greater returns in patient satisfaction, loyalty, and operational efficiency.”

Brian Stone, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Clearwave

Digital Patient Intake Tools Enable Patients To:

  • Complete intake forms before appointments
  • Determine insurance eligibility
  • View and pay bills and copays
  • Experience shorter wait times

Digital Patient Intake Tools Enable Providers To:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce manual labor
  • Reduce patient no-shows and lateness
  • Capture more copays and payments
  • Improve claims and processing
  • Enhance patient engagement and experience

#2: Attracting new patients and retaining current ones

As healthcare organizations are constantly seeking the most effective methods to attract, serve, and maintain both new and existing patients, these groups are wisely adapting to meet the patient where they are, and that is in a digital format.


#3: Improving billing, collections, and compliance

“With the No Surprises Act taking effect, healthcare organizations are focused on eliminating surprise billing by providing patients with good faith out-of-pocket estimates prior to service. This is directly in line with what consumers crave—nearly one-third of people want a better understanding of what they owe before a procedure or visit. In fact, more than half of consumers say they wish they were able to pay a guaranteed out-of-pocket price prior to receiving care, or at the point of service. On top of this, healthcare organizations are facing margin pressures due to high labor costs and softening revenues. It’s imperative that they collect everything that’s owed, including patient liability. Actionable cost transparency can help accelerate and increase collections by increasing a patient’s propensity to pay. With dynamic estimates that are personalized and transparent along with modern payment options, Cedar Pre provides patients with cost estimates verified by their payer so patients are not surprised by bills after their visit and are more likely to pay.”

Arel Lidow, Cedar Co-Founder and Co-Chief Maker

Panda’s Take:

As the consumerization of healthcare becomes more prevalent, Digital Patient Intake will be a key driver in providing a more consumer friendly, patient-centric experience that patients have come to expect in all areas of their lives.  Digital Patient Intake also will play an important role in helping to address the labor shortage through a streamlined workflow and reduced workload, and an improved staff experience. Panda Health is excited about our suppliers in this category and how they will unlock significant efficiencies and improvements in the Intake process.