The Digital Health Tipping Point


As recognition grows regarding the value of digital health solutions, hospital and health system leaders face increasing pressure to optimize their digital health approach and successfully drive their organizations forward.

Yet, the digital health solution market is exploding—both in the number of solution categories to consider as well as the number of solutions to evaluate within those categories. Sifting through the noise to determine which categories and solutions to invest in, and when, is extraordinarily difficult.

This report from Panda Health features data points and insights that were gathered with one overarching objective: To help hospital and health system leaders make more informed, more effective, and more impactful digital health decisions

Based on an independent survey of 100 hospital and health system leaders conducted in September 2023, the report explores:

  • The present state vs. future state of digital health solutions
  • The perceived value of digital health solutions
  • The future impact of digital health solutions 
  • The solutions that provide the highest ROI 
  • The solutions that hospital leaders are most satisfied with 

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