Panda presents digital transformation case studies at SHSMD National Conference

September 20, 2021 (SAN ANTONIO)At SHSMD Connections 2021, the nation’s largest conference for health system marketers and strategists, Ken Holmen, MD, CEO of CentraCare, and Raj Aggarwal, MD, Chief Growth and Strategy Officer at Panda Health, presented case studies and key lessons about how health care organizations can advance a digital culture,.The session, titled, “9 Months to 100 Days” showed how the partnership with Panda is accelerating digital transformation for CentraCare’s patients, providers, and community. The title refers to the more than 60% reduction in time it takes for the 12,000+ employee health care system to adopt best-in-class innovations, which Holmen sees as critical to the system delivering on its mission.

The physician leaders explained why it is so difficult for health systems to embrace the digital innovations that consumers now take for granted in banking, retail, and most other industries – and despite there being over 8000 digital health companies in existence today.“It really is like building the jumbo jet while the plane is in flight,” said Dr. Aggarwal. “You have to be very careful when changing healthcare workflows, because people’s lives are at stake.”
The pair concluded the class with four key lessons:

  • As Wayne Gretsky said, “skate to where the puck is going.” Digital health strategy is essential
  • Meet consumers where they are – that’s what almost every other industry has learned
  • Sharing the digital journey with peer organizations attracts the top digital talent
  • Starting new ventures is hard and high-risk – find the right partners with proven track records