Panda launches Unified Patient Messaging category with Upfront and Artera

ATLANTA, GA. (September 7, 2021) – Panda Health Inc., the digital health marketplace company, today announced the launch of a new solution category, Unified Patient Messaging, featuring industry leaders  Upfront and Artera as the first three awarded suppliers on the marketplace.

Digital tools allow novel forms of communication between doctors and their patients. The best solutions – as exemplified by offerings from Relatient, Upfront, and Artera — improve patient experiences, increase resource allocation, and transform clinical and financial results — critical outcomes to any health care provider.

Solutions in the Unified Patient Messaging category leverage the same communication devices patients use every day, such as text, apps and email. Through these channels, doctors, hospitals and clinics can establish many two-way messaging workflows. Appointment reminders, diagnosis education, care instruction, post-visit surveys, scheduling assistance and more are part of what’s possible with Unified Patient Messaging tools.

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“We are thrilled to bring Upfront and Artera to our marketplace and to make these high-ROI solutions available to Panda’s participating health care organizations,” said David Harvey, CEO of Panda Health. “From decreasing no-shows to reducing administrative burden, each solution is proven to streamline communication lines between clinicians and their patient community.”

To launch this category, Panda evaluated more than 42 suppliers offering Unified Patient Messaging solutions, and selected the awarded suppliers because they met the highest bars of requirements:

  • Appointment Reminders, Confirmation & Instructions
  • Patient Recall Scheduling
  • Broadcast messaging capabilities
  • Seamless two-way patient messaging
  • Data aggregation and analytical tools
  • eRegistration tools
  • Health campaign outreach effectiveness

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About Panda Health

Panda Health is a marketplace that transforms how health systems discover, procure, and implement digital innovations that make life better for consumers. Formed in 2020 as an independent company, Panda was founded through a partnership between three leading health systems, CentraCare, Gundersen Health System, and ThedaCare, with the development and investment firm Fitzroy Health.

About Upfront

Upfront’s Care platform proactively reassures and directs patients to the most relevant care options within the health system. Using advanced analytics, personalized content and strategic calls-to-action, Upfront aligns patient care needs with health system resources through a 1:1 digital experience based on deep healthcare operations and patient engagement experience. With Upfront’s proprietary Microsite technology, there is no application to download or login and password to remember, only a frictionless patient experience generating strong conversion on calls-to-action and reducing outbound call center efforts. More patients will book and complete necessary care, use the most appropriate site of care, enroll in care coordination services, and successfully navigate a care journey or transition.

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About Artera

Artera delivers a platform-level patient communications solution that integrates across a health system’s tech stack (EHRs/EMRs, single-point solutions, apps, and more) to deliver patients a simple, cohesive communications experience while reducing workload for healthcare staff. By unifying disjointed communications and information into a single channel, the Artera platform helps support healthier patients, more efficient staff and more profitable organizations. ty. For more information, visit