Panda launches Digital Wayfinding category with Cartogram and Purple

ATLANTA, GA. (November 11, 2021) – Health systems can now procure and implement digital wayfinding solutions both safely and at-speed, meeting consumer demand 

Panda Health Inc., the digital health marketplace company, today announced the launch of a new solution category, Digital Wayfinding, featuring industry leaders Cartogram and Purple as the first two awarded suppliers on the marketplace.

Digital Wayfinding solutions enhance patient experience by facilitating a seamless journey that gets patients to appointments on time and reduces confusion, whether navigating a sprawling hospital or multi-location health system. Best-in-class solutions effectively route a patient from home to the appointment, integrate with existing digital solutions, and support Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons for accurate turn-by-turn navigation across healthcare facilities.

“Today’s consumers are used to opening the map application on their phone and being easily guided to a destination, choosing their preferred route, and knowing if there are traffic delays. The experience in healthcare shouldn’t be any different,” said David Harvey, CEO of Panda Health. “We’re delighted to have market-leaders Cartogram and Purple join Panda’s Marketplace to provide exceptional digital wayfinding experiences for health systems.” 

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“Panda’s approach to procurement is unique, solving a problem for hospitals buried in a never-ending cycle of process and approvals as well as suppliers weary of buyers lacking a clear intent to buy, lack of funds, or that support a process which often has a time period surpassing the tenure of its initiating stakeholders,” said Will Clausen, CEO and Founder of Cartogram. “Cartogram looks forward to making Panda’s process shine, driving meaningful improvement for their healthcare buyers.”

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“I’m delighted that we have begun this partnership with Panda Health and extremely excited that they are launching this new category,” said Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple. “Digital wayfinding is a key component in reducing the stress of visiting a hospital, and in turn improving the overall patient experience. This partnership will make it easier for healthcare systems to source and implement digital wayfinding solutions, as well as taking advantage of our combined expertise in the healthcare market, and this can only be a positive move for patients and hospital staff alike.”

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About Panda Health

Panda Health is a marketplace that transforms how health systems discover, procure, and implement digital innovations that make life better for consumers. Formed in 2020 as an independent company, Panda was founded through a partnership between three leading health systems, CentraCare, Gundersen Health System, and ThedaCare, with the development and investment firm Fitzroy Health.

About Cartogram

Founded in 2015, Cartogram supports a mission to “navigate anyone from anywhere to anywhere”, combining the mapping and routing customization and integrations that healthcare needs with the Google Maps user experience that patients already know and love. Cartogram offers indoor and outdoor wayfinding software exclusively to healthcare clients, including mapping and content creation, hardware deployment, and end-to-end implementation. Cartogram’s proprietary indoor and outdoor positioning algorithms use hybrid GPS and BLE embedded within a Cartogram-enabled app that tells patients where to park, which entrance to use, and where their appointment is specifically inside of the building using real-time turn-by-turn blue dot navigation. Plus, seamless integration with Epic’s MyChart, Cerner, and every EHR provider comes standard with Cartogram software to deliver a pre-built wayfinding experience. Enhance the experience of every person that walks through your hospital’s front door on iOS, Android, web, chatbot, kiosk, digital signage, SMS, and QR code with Cartogram.

About Purple

Purple’s digital wayfinding platform allows visitors to navigate through complex spaces quickly and with ease, creating the optimal navigation experience. Using our mobile app, digital kiosks, or web-based application, hospitals can provide visitors with blue-dot navigation, interactive maps, route planning and location-based messaging, delivering a world-class navigation experience for all visitors, whilst increasing safety and saving on operational costs. Purpose built for healthcare institutions 11 years ago the solution typically requires 85% less hardware than alternatives and integrates with third-party platforms or apps through open APIs, a mobile SDK and on the Epic AppOrchard.