Digital Health Technology Report: 2023


Hospitals are struggling to realize the full potential of digital health solutions—and that’s coming at a significant cost to their physicians, staff, and bottom line.

That’s according to a recent survey of 100 hospital executives by healthcare consultancy Sage Growth Partners. The independent survey, conducted in February 2023, found that while most hospital leaders agree that digital health solutions are crucial to meeting their top objectives and easing their biggest pain points, many of their organizations are struggling to find optimal solutions and maximize their impact.

This second annual Digital Health Technology Report from Panda Health, based on the survey findings, further explores these challenges—and the implications.

Key Findings:

  • 72% say digital health solution adoption among hospitals will increase over the next three years; nearly half of those respondents (44%) predict it will increase significantly
  • 68% describe the digital health solution market as challenging; 62% say it’s difficult to navigate
  • 67% of hospital executives say their organizations will implement at least 1-2 new digital health solutions this year; 29% will implement 3-5
  • >50% of respondents say digital health solutions don’t work out as desired

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