How to Create a Successful Health at Home Initiative

Tips We Shared with Becker’s Healthcare

Health systems across the United States are working hard to embrace the health-at-home movement. From increasing patient demands and expectations regarding home care, to the proven positive impacts on patient outcomes and costs that home care can provide — health systems face multiple pressure points to keep up. 

Yet it’s not easy to successfully embark on these initiatives. The health-at-home market — which spans hospital at home, remote patient monitoring, and telehealth — is oversaturated with digital health vendors. 

Matt Guldin, Digital Health Portfolio Manager at Panda Health, recently spoke with Becker’s Healthcare about these challenges, and how hospitals can create more successful health-at-home programs. He also shared tips regarding:

  • How hospitals can quickly identify the best health-at-home solutions
  • The key capabilities hospitals should seek out in these solutions