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Digital health solutions

Digital health technologies available on the marketplace today:

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Advanced Patient Scheduling

Customer Relationship Management / Marketing Automation

Digital Intake

Reputation Management



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What is digital health?

By “digital health” we mean the tools that turn many different kinds of data into useful and engaging new experiences that improve access, care quality, affordability and satisfaction for patients and providers. In other words, digital health is the set of solutions that sits on top of, and makes usable, the information in the EHR and the full host of data you already capture and maintain.

Panda is healthcare’s marketplace to source, connect and manage best in class digital health solutions economically, safely, and at speed.

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No membership fee. Panda is a marketplace.


Improvement in procurement speed


Complete only 1 RFI/RFP for all health system buyers

100 days

Lightning fast time to contract compared with 12+ month average

How the process works

Panda sources digital health suppliers

  • Panda leverages deep market expertise to select suppliers within a specific category
  • Panda releases announcement inviting suppliers to participate
  • Panda initiates calls with suppliers who align with buyer needs

Best suppliers join the marketplace

  • Suppliers participate in single RFI/RFP process covering capabilities, security, service, value, terms and conditions
  • Panda's digital health market experts award marketplace rights to 3-5 suppliers per category
  • Panda and awarded suppliers agree to an MSA and Buyer-Supplier Agreement template and join the marketplace

Panda facilitates market transactions

  • Panda promotes awarded digital health suppliers to health system buyers that are ready to procure
  • Panda matches suppliers with best-fit health system buyers and helps finalize agreements
  • Panda’s integration support and reusable APIs accelerate revenue for digital health suppliers

Save time & money

Grow your business

Partner with confidence

Panda Value Creation - A Case Study

  • Orbita completed 1 Panda RFI/RFP
  • Panda promoted Orbita to all buyers on the marketplace
  • Orbita secured two new health system buyers within 100 days

“Panda’s RFP was surgical - they provided specific use cases so we didn’t have to guess at the vision. We saw how we could make it work.”

“The economics of scale are immense. The upfront lift pays off because it can be used for multiple organizations.”

Trusted Marketplace

  • Buyers ready to procure
  • Active promotion
  • Leapfrog other suppliers
  • Speed to contract
  • Cross-sell support

Standardized Procurement

  • RFP management
  • Security review
  • Regulatory & Compliance Review
  • Standard agreements

Technical Integration

  • EHR Interfaces
  • Reusable APIs
  • Reduced use of internal IT resources
  • IT Implementation

Relationship Management

  • Reduced technical debt
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring & reporting
  • Contract management & renegotiation
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