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Unified Patient Messaging

What is Unified Patient Messaging?

Unified Patient Messaging (UPM) is a core component of broader patient engagement strategy, and leverages multi-modal outreach to communicate with patients and their families to improve clinical and operational outcomes

Core use cases

Unified Patient Communications: Ability for provider staff to view all historical patient and consumer communications generated and managed by supplier’s system in one place.


Patient Visit Intake: Ability to facilitate the patient intake process by sending the appropriate information (i.e. URL, intake forms) to patients to complete prior to their appointment, and automatically reminding them to complete the process if they have not done so prior to their visit.


Patient Recall Scheduling: Automated communications enabling patient recall scheduling for upcoming, overdue, or no-show appointments using patient-preferred communication method.


Pop Health Outreach Campaigns: Ability to send automated and non-automated health & wellness campaigns for specific populations, patient education resources, and general outreach campaigns using patient-prefered communication methods.


Patient Care Plan Adherence Communications: Automated reminders and communications with patients to close gaps in care to drive care plan and medication adherence.


Patient Payment Notices & Collections: Automated communications to notify patients of their self-pay balance due before and after an appointment with payment reminders until the amount owed is paid. The communication should enable direct linking to a secure payment portal to process the payment.


Appointment Reminders & Waitlist Communications: Automated appointment reminders using patient-prefered communication method, customized with pre-appointment instructions, and allowing patients to easily confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments. Likewise, automated waitlist communications enabling providers to fill open appointment times with patients on a waitlist.


Data Management: Ability to read and write patient communication data from and into other systems (i.e. EMR, CRM). And, ability to provide engagement analytics (i.e. open rate, bounce rate, CTR) reporting via a real-time dashboard and into a 3rd party data warehouse.


Surveys & Reputation Management: Automated follow-up communications to conduct patient satisfaction surveys and questionnaires. Plus, the ability to request and remind patients to complete online reviews.


What's the benefit to health care organizations?

What does Unified Patient Messaging look like to a patient?

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