Patient Financial Engagement

Transparent and flexible billing practices for better patient satisfaction, faster collections, and great revenue

Elevate your Patient Financial Engagement

Today’s consumers expect transparency and regular, convenient engagement – especially when it comes to managing their finances.

And with up to 30% of health care bills being patient liability, there’s a lot riding on how well you communicate with your patients.

Key features of best-in-class solutions:

  • Accurate out-of-pocket estimates
  • Proactive pre-service communications
  • Automated insurance verifications and prior authorizations
  • Numerous, self-service payment options
  • Innovative payment plans and discounting
  • Predictive analytics tailor communication modality and cadence to each patient
  • Convenient user experience

A centralized Patient Financial Engagement tool makes this all possible by leveraging automated, cloud-based and self-service tools – all in a centralized, patient-facing platform.

Benefits from improved Patient Financial Engagement

  • 15-30% increase in patient collections: Frictionless, personalized payment options powered by predictive analytics result in the best payment outcomes
  • 50% decrease in cost to collect: Automated, electronic outreach and communication replaces the need for manual outreach and can help patients pay earlier
  • 70% increase in patient satisfaction: Informing patients about payment responsibilities and convenience options in a timely, easy-to-understand manner improves patient loyalty

Want to learn more about what Patient Financial Engagement tools can do for you?

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