Digital Wayfinding

Turn-by-turn navigation solutions right at your patients' fingertips.

Enhance the patient experience

Hospitals can feel like complex mazes for patients and staff alike. Finding the right room, the right department, entrance door or parking lot, can be stressful — even more so when the health of a friend or family member is in question.

Nearly 30% of patients get lost on their way to an appointment and hospital staff spend over 4,500 hours giving directions to visitors.

Digital Wayfinding solutions enhance the patient experience by facilitating a seamless journey that gets patients to appointments on time – all while reducing staff interruptions and visitor confusion.

Key features of best-in-class solutions:

  • Integrate with existing digital solutions
  • Seamless patient journey from home to appointment
  • BLE beacon enabled navigation inside facility
  • Contextual content delivery with landmark
  • Incorporate mobile, web, and kiosk-based solutions
  • Transportation arrangement solutions, including Uber & Lyft
  • Intuitive administrative tools for staff
  • Customizable traffic analytic
  • On-demand virtual tour
  • Multi-language functionality

Digital Wayfinding benefits and outcomes

  • Reduce Appointment No-Shows: Seamless integration of virtual care and appointment reminders provide better access to care
  • Decrease Visitor Confusion: Enhance patient access to care and increase visitor safety and
    confidence in a fluid, changing environment
  • Staff Navigation Solutions: Convenient navigation options for new hire onboarding, including pre-arrival virtual tours
  • Minimize Staff Interruptions: Drive efficiency and minimize contact between staff and visitors

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