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Financial Clearance and Price Estimation

Key features of best-in-class solutions for Financial Clearance and Price Estimation

Quality Assurance and Eligibility Verification: Automatically audit patient registrations for errors and verify service-level benefits to ensure accurate price quotes and prevent denials and rework.
Price Estimation and Payments: Staff and patients generate accurate estimates of out-of-pocket costs and improve pre-service revenue capture using integrated one-touch payments.
Price Transparency: Exceed compliance requirements with self-service price estimation and machine-readable files to avoid fines, increase pre-service revenue, and satisfy patients.
Authorization Management: Use a single interface to identify need, facilitate submission, and retrieve response for payers and service lines using automated services.

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What are the benefits to health care providers?

  • Collect easier and earlier: Patients who understand their out-of-pocket costs are more likely to pay before the time of service. Increase your front-end cash and reduce your back-end cost to collect.
  • Staff efficiencies: AI capabilities – including robotic process automation (RPA), machine reading and predictive analysis – automate your workflows instead of relying on staff to manually review chargemasters and check payer websites. Staff can be alerted in real-time to eligibility errors or incomplete financial clearance steps to focus their time on higher value activities.
  • Trusted accuracy: Estimates powered by better data and modeling are more accurate than standard EMR-based tools. Accuracy leads to better patient understanding and satisfaction.
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