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Digital Virtual Assistants

What is a Digital Virtual Assistant?

A “virtual receptionist” and/or “care navigator” sitting on your organization’s website to help existing and new patients find their way easily and quickly to the information or actions they want to take

Core use cases

Patient Access: Answer questions, search providers, schedule appointments

Symptom Checker: Identify care need and destination

Payment Management: Pay direct through chatbot or route to other method

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How do they help patients?

What are the benefits to health care organizations?



Increase new patient acquisition

Reduce leakage

Promote self-service appointment scheduling

Operational efficiencies

Direct patients to correct level of care

Decrease FAQ-based inbound calls

Allow call center agents to handle multiple chats at one time vs 1 call at a time

Patient satisfaction

Provide patients with a convenient and seamless navigation experience

Empower patients to be able to find the answers they need when they need them

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